ChrisChatTalks Creativity: The creating

The creating of a child, a life. Strange topic don’t you think for this blog? But, really, it started with news of a teen I knew as a child becoming a parent and then reminded me of what I recently read about our creative self being childlike…and treating it with kid gloves.

They both need nurturing and patience and love and more patience and for ourselves – forgiveness.

Forgiving and accepting we’re not perfect AND when we are. Yes, forgiving and accepting that we are pretty damn good at what we do.

A living child needs the elements as well. But let’s stick with our creative selves. The other topic is way complicated and full of opinions we don’t need to argue about here.

If we think of our creative time, energy, as child/baby time – our child/baby element – then we’ll be less harsh on ourselves. More freeing in our creating.

Dang, I think I’m understanding my own self. More on that later…once I understand what I’m thinking that is.