ChrisChat Indulges: Choices

Okay, let’s get heated.  This is the time people will get more vocal and even enraged over others making choices for them or demanding to make choices for someone else.

That two biggies:

Who we love


In today’s climate we could add politics, but that’s just an insanity contest.  Argue away on that.

Who we know.  Who we have sex with.  Who we want to marry.  Guess what – it’s none of our business.  It does not diminish our own relationships or one night flings.  And don’t go throwing pedophile and animal sex bull crap at me.  Those are not valid arguments.  One is a crime against innocents and while the other may or may not be a crime, the animal still cannot give consent.

You know what diminishes my straight sex marriage – nothing and no one.  Same sex marriages heightens the concept of marriage.  It’s the deepest commitment any two (maybe more) could make.  We all enhance the human bond when we declare our love, whether through marriage or common-law or however, we are showing our strength, our power, our best.  And that’s what will change this world.

Argue on.


First and foremost pro-choice – my stand – is not pro-abortion.

I have no right to tell another woman of any age what she can or can’t do with her body.

And neither do you.

Our opinions, our religious beliefs, our scientific knowledge means diddlely-squat.  We’re not walking, living, in the woman’s shoes.  And just because she will – may – still grieve it is still none of our business what her choice was/is.

Our business is to support those who are faced with this heart-wrenching decision.

Men – butt out.  Until you can, and I wish you could, carry and give birth, just shut up.  Cause the truth is, if you want to rule over women’s bodies then be damn prepared to have your bodies ruled over.

And for those I know, we’ll forever agree to disagree respectfully.

And for those I do not know – same terms.