Children & Teen & YA: Lessons

Should there be life lessons within these stories? Sometimes this is the perfect medium for them. As long as they are still entertaining. And not preachy.

Children love reading books that are silly and serious. Stories that sound funny when you read them aloud. Books that they can relate to. Characters which sound like them, even act like them, and going through the same things they are. It’s a comfort to know they’re not alone. Plus they love adventures and mysteries and surprises.

Teens are faced with so many decisions, so much is thrown at them to try, do, and pressured into. Sometimes reading gives them the strength to make the right choices. Then there’s the loners, outcasts, and the abused. The right story can help them escape the drama of their life and more importantly the courage to save themselves by telling someone.

YAs, if teens are caught between childhood and adulthood, this age is thrown out to the world. Sometimes not prepared for the change from being looked after, having to answer to authority to now fully expected to be responsible for themselves, even with parental support.  Adults reading YA – escape. A chance to go back to an easier time in life. Plus sometimes these books are more enjoyable written with this age then with our own.

And I could be completely off the mark. The bottom line is that life lessons work for some tales and other times forget the lesson and just go for the fun alone.