Poet/Artist: Stupid eraser

Remind me to never use the eraser at the end of the pencil. They are horrible. I need a different eraser to erase the eraser marks.

It’s taken me about ten or maybe actually more to find the ones I like and how to use them. Yes, there’s a technique to using an eraser, an art eraser. I’m liking the kneading type, they’re mostly dark in colour (okay, the only ones I’ve seen and used are) and crumble apart as you use them. More than a normal mess. But they will remove far more than just plain pencil.

I used it to remove colour pencil, soft lead sketching pencils. For the most part, I did have a pretty dark area that still showed a little red.

I’ve also cheated and used liquid paper/whiteout. Think of it as prepping a canvas in a different manner. Only recommend for a small area.

All tools are important and your connection to them is vital. Take the time to find them and experiment with them. And that always includes play time.

End of pencil erasers?  Oh hades no…well, at least for me.