I bought a Cubii via a home shopping network show. I’m using it right now as I type this posting. It actually prompted this because I didn’t feel like leaving my desk, I was/am having too much fun moving.

It is an elliptical that is pedal only, but I do feel it all the way up my torso. I’ve woken up the next day with tender stomach muscles because I spent so much time the day before using it as I wrote everything. While I scrolled through Facebook and the Internet. Yes, even watching Netflix, Prime Video and everything on the laptop. I could move it from my desk, but why would I?

Here’s their website:

The cost listed in Canadian dollars: $339.00 – $475.00

Frankly, I’ve used it more than any other exercise item I’ve ever bought…even, my Tony Little Glider, which I love.

Okay, this does read more like a ChrisChatReview blog, but as you know with my recent life bumps moving is vital to my health. Moving is vital to my mental and, I will admit, emotional sanity. Who doesn’t get great ideas when they’re doing something? Sometimes those are the best ideas and get lost as we rush for paper and pen. I can Cubii and still work my ideas.

After spending those three months in a bed, I didn’t think I would walk again and, yeah, it was extremely discouraging not having my full abilities back when I did start to move on my own. Another truth…you do not know what you take for advantage until you don’t have it.

That stay created this website/blog and the Cubii is helping me keep promises to myself.

I don’t exercise for physical reasons, those are a side benefit. I move for how I feel mentally. I move and my creative brain takes over with surprisingly great ideas and some of the craziest.

I move because I know what it was like not to be able to and I don’t want that experience again. I appreciate more that which I have an easy ability to do.

Take a moment and look at what you can do easily…anything. Do you fully appreciate it? Did you ever think you should be appreciating it?

It’s your life, why not do everything possible?