Oh, so that’s who my character is

I really need to get a character chart done. I just read an earlier post and what I had written there sure doesn’t sound like the character I’m currently feeling. Which, back to first sentence, is why writers have character notes. We really do know more about them than a reader will ever read on the pages.

Also, leads back to my post title…the characters will tell the writer who they are and sometimes it’s not who we thought we were writing or planning to write. Almost like this post and any other posts I’ve written. I start with one idea and it morphs into something I didn’t expect. Again, every story does this, too.

Sounds very much like someone I heard during a virtual conference….Plan Change. Or what some writers peg as…Scene Change.

Flexibility…nothing in writing is written in stone. Blocks are made of stone and as a writer if I try to force an idea my mind freezes up and will not put any words after the next, if the first even gets to the page.

Direction…if you don’t know the direction you can become lost. That interesting side path will turn from being a golden a-ha scene to a winding thicket of ramble.

Which brings us back to charts, plotting, and notes. Even as a pantser, I need my notes. At least to know if they’re long, short, capris for winter or summer.

Iris will develop as her story unfolds. What the writing and notes are telling me is that she’s more than I know right now.