Am I Listening?

Am I listening to myself? There’s much on my self-made to do list, my want list, my interest and my future list. Every list. But, are these just things on a list or simply parts of me which are more than checkmarks to be ticked off?

Am I making busy-work or categorizing my life in order to not miss out on anything? Saving my memory or reminding myself of what I don’t want to miss?

Does this even make any sense and will I risk sharing it to the cyberspace of any and all?

Part of me thinks I will and that I should because how can I possibly the only one who has ever had these strange wilding thoughts. Yes, even now at my age, in my fifties. Just because we age and grow doesn’t mean we have the answers or stop wondering and looking for the unknown. The piece of the puzzle we believe is all of us. There is always more to what is inside of our being than we realize. It’s the nature of our beast as the saying goes.

Yes, I will post this and share the strange questionings that ramble through my mind.

Hoping you will judge me less than we judge ourselves.