Why I will succeed at Nanowrimo 2020

I have set myself up to complete the daily word goal. I will write 556 words during 3 times of the day. Most of my blog posts are between 200 and 500 words, so it should be easy to reach this goal at different parts of the day.

What I am also doing, which I didn’t set out to do, is leaving off each section with a natural prompt to start the next. A mini cliffhanger like a chapter ending entices you to read the next one.

Seems like a lot of work to do something I like to do, doesn’t it? That’s the problem with being a writer…you’re your own worse critic and we’ve discussed that before, too. I self-edit everything I start to write, when I’m writing fiction. I think I need more dialogue, less dialogue, more description or scene setting. I get tied up in the semantics and forget the fun of telling the story. Even if the story is unfolding as I’m writing.

There’s no right way to write. The only wrong way is to not write at all. The issue I have with that is that I identify too much as a writer. There’s too many stories going through my imagination and I’m too old to sit down and play them out with my daughter’s old Barbies and Monster High Dolls.

I have to write. How else can I explain my daydreaming throughout the day? At least with the clanking of the keyboard I appear to be doing something productive. Maybe even one day you’ll choose to read more than these 275 words.