Writing exercise experience

I have a book. This book offers me 600+ subjects/ideas to write about. It’s a random thing for me as in that I open the book and pick whichever block hits my fancy at that moment. Honestly, some of the suggestions I don’t like and keep ignoring them. They’re just not in my interest field. Not what I find myself writing normally, so I bypass them.

Except this time. This time I started writing and ended up shocking myself. I didn’t know I had this particular POV in me. I was to write from the POV of an addict. The seven line paragraph that came from five minutes of writing did not fit my definition of who I am as a writer.

It was emotional in its simplicity of self-acceptance. It was a voice I’ve never heard before or experienced coming from me. And it was one, the sub-subject of the piece, that I fear ever experiencing.

I surprised myself. I didn’t think I had that capability in me. The ability to write from a POV that should never be likeable or forgivable. I have no desire to explore this paragraph further. It stands as it is.

As you can tell, it has gifted me with an insight into who I am…can …could be?…as a writer. Maybe this is why writing exercises are vital no matter how often you write or how many works in progress you have going. There’s always something more to learn.

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