Affirmations and Mantras

At first these made little sense to me. Most were just sounds made when someone else meditated, nonsensical. The repetition of words and phrases had little meaning for me or to me…just plain why?

Until, I learned about energy medicine, particularly tapping to release blocked energy. Yeah, sounds very whoo-hooy. My very medical family doctor even warned me that I might think she was nuts for telling me about this, but in her words – can’t knock what has worked for others, so…

I’m a sceptic by nature, which actually goes against quite a bit of my normal behaviour. What it does fit is my private nature and trust. I don’t give much when I first meet anyone. But, I’m also curious on faiths and philosophies; the what is out there that we don’t know, but we just believe. So, I went to see this therapist.

A very different therapist. She immediately told me that we would not be continuously seeing each other, her part was to give me the tools so I would learn to help myself and what I needed, if anything, I needed from others. I liked that. Too many times we keep depending on someone else to help us during a crisis and can only reach them after the crisis has occurred. We all could do with the tools to deal in the moment and then further, when/if needed, with someone else.

But, a very cautious, but, I wasn’t going to go in blindly. With energy medicine you need to trust the therapist, probably more than any other because the guidelines of understanding how they are “reading” you make little scientific sense.

Our thoughts are powerful. Our thoughts direct us. Not talking about thought processing or decisions on whether to have chicken or beef for dinner. Not the emotional reactions to someone taking the closer parking space or the last cookie. I’m really referring to the thoughts we tell ourselves and end up believing.

The words we have heard from others that become part of who we believe we are and end up becoming.

I’ll just tell you, that with me being determined not to give away anything, this therapist pegged me. Not just my personality, but with few words and little input from me, she read my energy and pinpointed the physical area all my anxiety, weaknesses, fears show up first. Sorry, doubters, I didn’t say one word about that area of my body. Didn’t say one word about anything, not even why I was there. She didn’t want to know.

It wasn’t about the what, who, or why that brought me there. It was about me strengthening ME.

We did the arm out; think of the negative then think of the positive; could she move my arm down. No way was she going to move my arm. No way was I going to hold my arm stiff so she couldn’t move it.

Negative thought….dropped like a stone. She barely touched my arm.

Positive thought….my arm wouldn’t budge. She pressed down on it and I tried to let my arm go, but nope, the positivity of my thought would not allow me to be moved.

Bull-pucky? All in my head? Well, sorta in my head…too many downer words and phrases. Too much reinforced weak poor energy. Too little trust in myself.

Our conversation continued along this line with her “reading” my energy as we talked. And, again, as she offered me phrasings to repeat and then “re-read” me. Together we came up with the words/phrasings that felt right to me.

These are what affirmations are. What we tell ourselves to remind ourselves of who we are. What we are worthy of. What we desire. What we have to offer.

I apply each phrasing to a particular tapping point and repeat until I feel a calm settle over me. Yes, within a few taps, now, I immediately re-centre myself.

I don’t tap as often as I should, but I do write out these affirmations every morning. Saying them aloud within my mind. I have had cards printed out with their words in order to always have them with me.

I’ve added a few mantras to them. Ones I gathered from reading The Artist’s Way. Over the next few days…week or two…I’ll be sharing them with you on my Facebook Page: Life Becomes Understanding and throughout my social media.

These are words I have repeated now for close to twenty years and honestly, I wish I knew them when I was much younger.

We live, and hopefully, we learn.