Story Voice

As a writer, your voice is unique. You have habits, word phrasing, and themes that you automatically fall back into using. You may or may not recognize this part of your writing style.

This isn’t necessarily a negative.

It may help your readers connect with you. Give them a sense of anticipation and comfort. As readers, we appreciate the familiar even when we’re escaping the same boring normal.

What is your story voice?

Who is speaking the story – your characters or you? The story itself? The genre, maybe.

Some may call this the tone of the story. I’m thinking more what voice is heard when the story is read. What voice do you hear when you’re writing it?

All this leads me to asking the question I read in a writing book – what’s the theme, what is your story trying to say?

Perhaps I’m simply rambling about a stray thought floating in my head. A thought provoked by the weekend’s reading.

I believe there is a separate voice to my stories that is not mine or my characters or the genre, it’s the story behind what makes it to the writing.

Woo-hoo? Probably.