The idea for this writing came via a paint commercial. Goes to prove you never know what will prompt inspiration, just wish it gave me more than just a title.

Some authors need a title before they can write the story and others the title comes later. When I started writing teen mysteries I always had a title, yes, followed the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys style. Lately, titles haven’t come as easily. They feel too locked in for me…dictating the story and that makes me uncomfortable because I don’t want to let the title down.

And, I end up regretting the writing.

I’ve been regretting letting my writing fall to the wayside. Not giving the time it deserves…not giving myself the time and energy I deserve. I could have found time for one sentence a day, even a paragraph, but I went with the lazy excuses and let it slide.

It’s been a struggle to get back on track and I’m not there, yet. The struggle I don’t regret. The struggle tells me I want this. I’m empty if I don’t put pen to paper and let the words out. I miss a part of myself.

I regret not writing, not creating. I regret the books I have in me and the books around me that are waiting for me to start reading again.

All this from a paint commercial? You just never know. I don’t regret this prompt.