Road to the story.

This is based on a wild thought I had during a non-fiction reading about writing, I can’t guarantee it will be of any sense or flow logically…or even flow in any which way, so please hang in with me.

…the genre is the off or on ramp to the story

Knowing the genre has solved so much for me and a couple of my stories…at least I think I have their solutions, don’t ask why I didn’t think about their genres before now.

Sub-genre? Haven’t quite figured that/those out, yet.

Some of these stories started with an idea, which is always a good place to start, but I had no clue where to take it (thank you story, Derrick). Thought mystery but could be family drama mixed with mayhem and romance.

Each of these genres have their own method and rules to storytelling, yes the dreaded formula or story ARC, which I still argue over. Look, everyone likes rhythm and flow, but we also like that punch and mini chapter-ending cliffhanger. Some of us also don’t want to be able to solve the mystery before the ending. Frankly, there are a few stories I would rather the main characters not get together.

Getting sidetracked…

…However, I’ve also changed (back to how my stories have changed). Growing older I’ve been exposed to more writing rules and criticism and those show up in how I write, stiff and not as easily. I used to write multiple stories in a week. I could and did write in a bowling alley, on the floor in the middle of a group of friends goofing off. I could write wherever and whenever and like what I wrote. Not to say I like those writings now, but their ideas were half-decent.

Today, nope. That Derrick story has haunted me since…yikes…before I was married, so we’re talking over 34 years. Maybe I should just can it. There I go again, in my head too much or not enough. Not enough or too much imagination and crazy dia-notes with arrows all over the place.

So, that’s my wild thought for today…my much needed new starting point. What’s the genre?

Thanks for sticking with me.