Telling the déjà vu


I did write about this back in September 2018

Your story has already happened. What you are writing is the retelling…recalling. Friend Reader, this posting is mostly for the writer

Can you start a story that has no history? If you’re a plotter there’s no way the story isn’t already known. You’re laying down the path so you have to know it.

Pantser, maybe, depending on how you open the story.

. Once upon a time…

. It was a dark and stormy night…

. The sky was clear, the air warm…

. There was a knock at the door…

. The phone rang…

Some opening phrase that could be anything and has no lead. No…you wouldn’t believe me…or…It could…those all give the idea of something already has happened.

Even…it was murder. The murder is the story history.

You could always start with: A…The…It…I (any pronoun) These are simple enough to be ambiguous.

Is there any story you have started that you had no inkling to its history, no knowledge whatsoever where you were writing toward?

Does this make the blank page friendlier or more daunting?

I think I’m going to start every blank page as already knowing my story and my pen, keyboard is the brush and shovel unearthing it.