Introducing: Editor Eyes

I’m making my editing comeback and it didn’t start with 4RV Publishing or MuseItUp Publishing. You can thank Yahoogroups and The DarkTales Publishing house.

A call to the group went out seeking proofreaders. Apparently, I was more a copy editor – see what happens when you nick-pick for fear of missing something and doing a lousy job.

Or we can blame it on me being a Virgo who needs to check and recheck. My own work – whatever. Someone else’s? I try to find the micro-needle in the haystack.

By now my readers know cancer interrupted my life. And not so much the actual cancer, but the chemo-brain that came with it.

Chemo-brain gone. Normal – stop laughing – is back.

Confidence that took some time. However, I’m back to start rebuilding this part of my writing life. When you see the title Editor Eyes know that this me is now open to you.

Editing and Reviewing – as different as the sun and the moon. And still the best pairing you’ll get.