Editor Eyes: An…tic…i…pa…


Not always a good thing.

I have two words I cringe when I see them…but, pop/popping/popped. Did these writers overuse them? Oh yes. Oh H311 YES.  I had a sing-song voice in my head every time I read those words. I knew within moments when the next but was going to pop up.

Now, if you are those authors reading this and know that I was your editor…I love your writing, loved these stories; however, you also giggled when you saw my multi-highlights of these favourite words. You know you did.

And, most likely, you’re still using them in your rough drafts. My daughter can recognize my wording because of my favourite style habits and words. That’s great.

Great to be aware of our habits and methods. Greater to know when they should be used and then trashed. Greater? Yeah, I used that one on purpose.

What words do I not like anticipating?

and, but, like, that, is/was, which, as if, just, about, although…however, always…with…so…very…

There are more, but I’m writing this without my editor notes so you are getting a reduced list…containing many of these words in this very blog.

There is a difference between conversational writing…how I consider my blogs…and writing for others to read and become one with your world. We say the word – that – all the time in our conversations, but we don’t need to read it. Same with – but – in conversation we speak choppy, our sentences don’t cleanly end or join. In writing we are told they must.

It’s probably why writing is called – creative. We have to stretch our words to the point they are clear, interesting, unseen, and never anticipated.