My multiples

Beginning to believe I’m the easy-going; Mel’s the over-organizer; Thea’s the laidback play and they’re all running around my mind shaking their heads at each other.

The reviewer and editor are probably closest to the me everyone knows in reality. And they’re all me. I’m the one uncomfortable with actively owning them? Marketing? Did I create them, name them, for marketing? How can I be embarrassed if I’m sharing them everywhere? Why the fictional multiples?


It is about fun. Writing is the craft; the work, but everything else is fun. We read for enjoyment. We watch shows to escape. And many times we want to be in that story – part of it. Write our own so we can be there.

I don’t want to be in all my stories, but they all have something of me. The idea is there. The opinion I want to express. Even the anger will show up – my argument to anything.

None of my characters are based on anyone I know; no author payback. I will take a situation or opinion and that will be the inspiration.

My multiples keep it fun. Keep it interesting.

We have fun conversations.