General: Writer’s emotion

It’s been quoted no tears in the writer no tears for the reader.

What about scares and fears? The bump in the night? Other types of bumps?

Am I supposed to scare myself when I’m writing? What if I can’t stand my MC but the story coming out won’t go away till I write it out, with that MC?

Could be I’m just tired of the character because I can’t get the story out, but that’s a tale for another day.

I thought writers should be objective when they’re writing? Aren’t we making the decisions to kill each character or have this one the villain – only to keep them around because they’re more interesting than the sidekick?

I have freaked myself out. Kept thinking what if – peek out of the blinds and there’s a vampire hovering at the window or someone below looking up. I refused to look out my blinds that night.

Is it our writing that needs to pull our emotions or we write emotions because we know what makes us cry, jump, scream?

It feels good when our audience reacts to our words, even if it’s just a joke we’re repeating. Who hasn’t enjoyed figuring out a riddle before being told the punchline? Solve the problem.

We may not need to cry with our writing, but we should know what will make others cry. We’re the ones who need to be detached enough to delete, if need be.