Poet: Rhyming sucks

I have no luck with rhyming words

Tis easier to call a duck a bird

Than it is to cast about for a phrase

That fits a Canadian saying about a boat

And being praised

The above was written with tongue fully in cheek and within five minutes, but it might be the perfect example of why I won’t write rhyming prose.

I enjoy a tongue twister. I will admit to loving prose that rhyme even if I never realized it.

And that’s one secret – the best rhyming prose is one you never realized did.

Let’s talk rhythm. That’s what I loved about poetry and prose. The word flow. How it sings to its own music. It gives emotion alongside the words. It’s alive. Not only does it ripple across but there’s a depth.

If I see the rhyme; I can’t feel any depth. When the rhythm flows over the rhyme it pulls me in and wraps me away.

Force me to rhyming and you’re requiring me to cut my corners to fit your circle.

I’ll rhyme but it won’t be me.