General: Thankful, for what

My Thanksgiving is a month gone, but Remembrance Day is coming soon, both are times to be grateful. As a writer, what are you thankful for?

…living where I can write freely

…my education

And that’s about as far as my notes took me before I had to walk away. Now that I’m back I’m picking up the pieces and wondering what my original thought was, it’s okay because once more the news is full of more book banning and education ties – all based on the fear of the different, the unknown, and need to control because anything else is too – difficult? Too much change? Too close to acknowledging we’re wrong, we don’t know everything.

North America likes to celebrate what abundance and freedom we have, but turn sideways and historically we weren’t always this giving – even now some are too comfortable in their status quo and cookie cutter thoughts. Yes, it’s safe to stay in our boxed thoughts. Too stay within what we used to know as true – ignorance? Naivety and innocence – ignorance is ignoring the knowledge, the truth even when it goes against what we believed.

That’s what I’m thankful for. The freedom to learn more than I understood and knew yesterday. The freedom to grow beyond and live my life that is unique to me alongside others with neither of us afraid.

That’s what Remembrance Day is – remembering, honouring and thanking those who fought, died so we can be who we are, maybe some won’t understand who we are, but the freedom to be is for all – no strings attached.