Poet: Subject Matter

Ogden Nash, my first fave poet, wrote about the octopus. I’ve written about puppies, people, emotions, fears, and anger with humandkind. Poetry, prose allows you get away with anything and everything. The fun part, unless you’re in school being asked specifics, is you can write in double and triple meaning if you want. Who’s going to scold you?

Clarity, precise meaning and understandable language is a must.

Sure, but your reader doesn’t need to know you were poking fun at love when you wrote that love poem. Let them assume the web was of lies and deceit or even the spider silk. Gossiping cronies or co-workers, school girls or bustling ants?

The fun within poetry writing lies within the hidden world of the poet’s and readers’ minds. The safety net of not needing to be direct. The music comes to life between the notes, the prose lives in the mind’s imagination.