General: Seasonal Stories

  • When should you write them

Well, the simple answer is read the publishing guidelines. More willy-nilly – what is the story telling you?

Seriously. I’ve never given a thought to what season my story is in, except my teen mysteries when they had to have been during some school holiday time, except I didn’t say when. I wrote a seasonal story because that was the guideline. Other than that I think all my writings currently take place at some point outside of winter.

With that being the case, I’m sure to be missing some elements to my story. Background settings and character emotions. Let alone publishing homes for me. Say there’s an anthology or magazine wanting December-based stories, but it’s just starting to thaw into spring – I don’t really want to crawl back into the cold – but, I do want that publishing credit.

Write what publishers are asking for. Tweak your story to fit.

Add a season or holiday to your next writing, see where it takes you.