Poet: Structure

Beyond the rigid rules of poetry writing – beats, lines, rhyming, style is there a structure to poetry – beginning, middle, and end?

No matter what you write, you cannot escape the simple – beginning, middle, and end. How you move through these is up to you – stickler for style rules or free forming or mix, they all have them. If they didn’t very little would make sense. Even the most in-depth heart-wrenching to Ogden Nans’ Octopus all have a beginning, middle, and end.

There’s no escaping this basic formula. Anything else is a grouping of words looking to make sense.

And you thought this would be easy writing? There’s nothing easy about writing and the more I write poetry and learn about publishing anything, well, the harder it gets.  With poetry, I don’t want to be blatant about my topic, it’s too personal, but I don’t want to be too abstract and lose my meaning either. The word flow has to feel right; the whole structure that makes for a safe ride for me to share what comes out of me in a poem. Enough to bring you in, keep you listening and then letting you go and I’m still safe from sharing the boring of my inner sanctum.