Poet: Epic Story Prose

A different type of ramble. Beowulf. The Iliad. Not War and Peace.

The Epic I’m talking about today is the story in prose, in song. I’m attempting to write one. Not fully sure what the rules are or even what my story is, just that I have the perfect journal/notebook to write it in.

It’s the reason I’ve decided to attempt my hand at this form of storytelling.

For me when I read the word Epic I envision a larger than everyday life tale. Something massive that can’t be contained in a weekend or holiday read. Add it to prose versus fictional story and I see mystical adventure into the unknown perils that can only be recited rather than plainly read.

A story for the minstrels of old to be told over and over till it becomes more legend than a simple story.

Am I capable of such a challenge? I don’t know, but I am ready for the adventure to be awakened within this journal.