Poet:  What is a poem but a song?

One of my high school English teachers had us all pick a song and I think we dissected it like a poem. The intention was to show us that poetry was within Led Zeppelin, Styx, Queen, etc. At least that’s my memory.

I forget what song my partner and I picked, but I remember someone confusing the lyrics “virgin seas” for “birds and bees.” Come Sail Away by Styx.

Misheard lyrics, something we all can laugh at now. Boy do they change the song’s meaning.

But, they made this part of English class more relatable and enjoyable for everyone – I already loved poetry time.

Bob Dylan is noted as a poet and songwriter. Jim Croce felt like a poet to me, maybe because he was classified as a folk singer as well as rock. Folk songs tend to feel and sound prosier, to me.

Would you not call Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody epics?

Music, Poetry, and Song distinctive blends to move our souls.