Youth/YA: Relating to the…

…is it a genre or age group. Hold, need to research that.

It’s a – category of fiction writing for a certain age group that those older than 18 also read. The protagonist’s age appears to dictate the YA title.

It’s been close to 40 years since I was anywhere near this age, how would I know what to write about/for them?

Well, it’s been way longer since my toddler years yet I was able to weave a story for my daughter when she accidently flushed her soother down the toilet, when she was 3.  Reading OG decades earlier helped me pull the soother-land story out of the blue. She even compared the two years later.

Putting the author aside, I fell into Harry’s world on multiple levels and every so often I’ll dust off a Nancy Drew.

We already know where this is going, don’t we. We read and write what we enjoy and that’s what makes it relatable.