General: I’ll remember

There but for the love of forgetfulness goes the best line ever written.

I’ll remember. I don’t have to write it down. Famous words of every writer I know. That and, it made sense in my dreams. It’ll come back to me – either years from now, after the book’s published.

Write it down.

Record it.

Text it.


You will not remember.


Our stories flirt through our minds like mini movies and if we don’t snag them now they’ll drift away, change, lose something (mostly the best part), and vanish.

It’s why interruptions infuriate us. We’re barely holding on to the image when the imagination whips it away to hide from reality. Moment lost.

Sometimes we can coach it back, when we have nothing to write it down with or on.  When in the shower or sweating somewhere doing something else.

Don’t worry, you’ll remember it, it’ll come back to you.