Poet: Language

There are no rules to wording a poem. There I said it. You can curse all you like in prose. Poetry is personal and should reflect the poet’s creativity and mood. Maybe it’s just me, but poetry is always about mood.

Poetry is freeing. Don’t let anyone lock your words, except maybe the publication’s guidelines.

Poetry is what I wrote first. Stories played out in my mind and through my toys, but self-expression evolved via prose. My initial realization of expression was prose. That I could write stories like the ones I read – wow – that was something else. But, poetry, this was me on paper. This was me for others to see and hear. This was my vulnerability.

Forget that my words read differently to them than to me, they were my words.

My group of friends saw me write. Knew and accepted me when I pulled out pen and paper – Chris is writing again. Not a single pat on the head, but full blown – yup, that’s Chris, pass her the pen and paper. Don’t tell me differently, my memory only feels the moment, the belonging. The acceptance.

Write your words. Write the language they need. Find and keep your voice.

Be all of you.