General: Don’t write when…

…emotions are running high, low, hot or cold. They will change what you’re writing.

I’ve noticed this more with my daily Ponderings. If I happen to be overtired it takes me forever to write something. Angry or upset and the words grasps anything to feed that emotion.

You want your words to express emotions and make the reader connect, but you also need to be clear-headed to stay focused on the page. Blogs are great for pouring out the emotion. Story writing needs more crafting. The emotions need to shout the character, not you.

Fill your scenes with emotion – carefully. Weave what you want felt through your characters, their actions and setting. Don’t allow your own to cloud the fiction.

As the creator it’s important you connect to your fictional world and to do so you also need to shut yourself down from the real world around you.

Unless you’re about to be vampire food as well, then go ahead and bleed into your story.

Slice it up alongside your murderer…okay I’m just saying that as…uhm…okay, slice it up alongside your comic relief.

Use the – fake it till you make it – thought…fake the emotions as you write their reality.