What makes me think…

I can write romance?

Apparently, my first short was classified as a sweet romance, not something I was expecting. There was a minor character in that story who stuck with me and not because she was young looking for love, but because she was a senior, vibrant, outlandish, and believing in love.

She stayed in my head and from there her sister was born and now this whole kettle of stories.

I don’t read romance by direct choice. This genre sneaks in via other genres and simple surprise. It’s all about the characters. It’s sorta about the story, if the characters are interesting. But, I really don’t enjoy the find, lose, and find again type stories.

So, again, what makes me think I can write romance?

I can write characters.

I can write their expressions of loving and caring.

I can even write wacky which is the best of any relationship, I believe.

This, romance, is the only genre definition that fits these stories of mine, so let’s call them somewhat-romantic stories.

In the end, it’s the readers who will decide and by then, hopefully, I’d hooked them with the characters.