3 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Word Fun”

  1. Now that fall is upon us, I would say mums, but I like spring with orange poppies and purple irises. Of course, BOB is reminded of the orange sunburst dining room carpet of the 70s and the purple bedroom walls the wife wanted. You asked if colors play a part in writing (on another list) — I wrote a novel entitled 'White Rose, Yellow Dragon' about a forbidden love between an English woman and a Chinese nobleman. Colors was just one aspect that played an important part in the story. BOB added some of the 'other' color to the story. LOL.

  2. Orange has always been my "yuck" color, although I am noticing that lessening over the past couple years. (I won't go into the color therapy thing here). Purple has always been a creative-type color for me. Together? I'm inclined to say–let me out of here!!

  3. Morning,

    Orange was a yuck colour for me, too; however, I recently took a sunset photo, from bedroom window, and it's now a favourite colour.

    Vibrant, life, energy…heat without the fast burn of red.

    Purple is indeed the colour of creativity…had forgotten that, did therapy for other reason and their use/definition is Purple as a creative energy.

    There's also something dark and mysterious about purple..danger.

    Hey Bobs…love the colour use for story. OMG, I forgot about the carpets.

    And how could I forget Donny Osmond's noted colour of choice – purple.

    Okay, I'm rambling 🙂

    Chris…thanks for dropping by

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