Indulges – Loyalty



Believe me when I tell you, I’m loyal. I will have your back. I will defend you. I will stand with you. I believe I have shown this time and time again. I must have since I’ve been told I’m too loyal for my own good, right?
My fault? I demand the same. I expect the same. I do not take loyalty lightly.
This doesn’t mean our lives must mirror each other. That we need to have the same friends. Or that mutual friends have to place us on the same level and if they don’t we have to drop them. That’s not loyalty. It’s grade school childhood. Friendships work when they meet and mesh with what we’re missing in ourselves or need to be the best of ourselves.
Loyalty defined is = adherence to ________________. Faithfulness. Fealty. Devotion to _____________.
Yeah, a pretty big word when you stop and think about it. Then again, it explains why it hurts so deeply when it’s broken.
Time to talk about my other fault with loyalty. Burn it, abuse it, toss it aside and you’ve lost me. Betray it and I’m gone.
I’ll respect differences of opinion. I’ll handle your anger and pain. I’ll understand your fear and misunderstanding. I’ll apologize and explain my words and actions.
Don’t ever doubt my loyalty.