Creativity – No, no idea how to start

Ever have that moment when you are eager to start something, but end up sitting there like a mannequin? You just have no idea how to start. Where to start. Jigsaw puzzles are easy, most everyone starts with the border.
Baking, measure the ingredients.
Writing, the first sentence…ahhh, yeah, which first sentence? Every story idea I’ve ever had seems to start way somewhere else in the telling…how do I get there? Do I just start writing and then fill in the beginning and match it to what’s already been done? Of course, every writer is saying – yes. Now tell that to my brain.
Drawing. Where to start? Where on the paper? What part of the object to a look and translate to paper first? What medium to I use? You mean I can erase the pencil in order to finish the piece in paint or colour?
Sculpture. How much is too much? What forms first?
Needlepoint? Rug hooking? Knitting? Poetry writing?
How do you start?
Yeah, you start by picking it up and going with your instinct. The journey will be filled with mistakes. That’s the whole point. It’s not the final product that gives the most satisfaction. Come on, you know that. You know once you’ve finished something it either goes in the drawer, on the wall, somewhere and then you’re struggling to start something else.
The journey is what we want, so yeah, just start.