Indulges – You’ll never know: The joy of power outages…

…or living without 24/7 on call contact.
Who likes power outages? Really, I’m pretty sure no one does. They cause more problems than anything else, like their quiet can be restful. People worry about their frozen foods, fridge, how to cook, let alone if there’s a small child who is afraid of the dark or needs a bottle still. Then there’s the whole fear of anyone dependant on power to live.
See this is what gets me with shows like The Walking Dead, they couldn’t leave the lights out. They had to find a place with solar energy and people who understood how to maintain the equipment. How have they not run out of gas yet? Backup generators don’t run by themselves. I know, as a writer I really should know how to throw reality out the window when watching a zombie television show.
But, the reality is we’re lost without power. Typing this I’m using power. The Internet where you’re reading this posting requires power…and a whole lot if you’re not in my home city to say the least.
I love having a cell phone, smartphone in order to search the web to see where my electricity company indicates outages and for approximately how long. Able to update social media as to why I’m not there or if anyone has news. I can call for emergencies if needed. Just be careful of battery usage and not drain it to nothing.
However, the one thing power outages used to give us was a break away from the noise of life. We were out of contact. We had to either sit and stare at four walls or talk to each other…maybe something else, well, if you didn’t worry about kids in the house being awake and scared.
I can walk away from social media and the computer. I can turn off the TV and just sit and stare out the window. But, I do feel that “itch” to get back on. If you’re someone who games online, is always online, always in contact with someone. Yes, I’m talking more than the “younger” generations of smartphone zombies, I’ve seen people of all ages locked to their web life, even when they don’t realize they have a web life. Well, no power is your worse nightmare.
Look, I don’t want a power outage, hate them. However, the concept of being out of touch sounds pretty good to me. The temptation to unplug is calling. How then do I let you know?