Indulges – Reflections: Living thoughtfully…

…home is our castle, but we are not lord and lady of our surroundings

I started this idea after watching neighbours’ behaviour. Then I set it aside only to start writing and the same ones who prompted the subject idea are back at it as I write.

Our homes are where we belong and feel safe. A place away from the world. The one guaranteed location we can be free.

To a degree.

We still have to live with our surroundings and those parts beyond and not under our control. We are not the Lord and Lady of the neighbourhood.

Some may say my thoughts here are telling a different story. That I’m trying to rule over those around me. No. The difference is about living within the rules and common courtesy…not just to those you know, like, or approve.

People ask what’s happened to the sense of community. I think it’s ended at the gates of the individual castles.