Creativity – Tune Out

Every so often, not often enough for many of us, we need to tune out and give in to nothingness, or at least hand ourselves over to just one activity.

I know some can knit while watching television, I can’t. I have to look to knit or needlepoint or crochet or rug hook, basically anything.

Some will play music when they’re reading. I’ve done that, but wondering now if maybe I’m missing something from the music by paying attention to the words. Or am I missing something in the reading because part of my mind is listening to the music?

How many times have you remarked about needing/wanting to slow down, take a break? What’s stopping you? Right now, what’s stopping you…me…from just not doing something that can wait. That can be done when we’re more energetic, less needing to slow down, not so close to breaking.

In another posting I mentioned I watch The Walking Dead, it’s only been this season I’ve told my family: I’m done at 8:30 till 11:00.  The Walking Dead and Talking Dead are my hours, unless someone is dying or in dire need, there are other adults in the house who can take care of whatever ‘it’ is. Okay, I’ve given them a thirty minute leeway and I’m not totally unavailable to them. But, it’s a timeframe thing. Anything I want or feel I need to get done that Sunday, it better be done by 8:30pm cause I’m tuning out.

Be kind to yourself…tune out.