Indulges – Spotlight: Change

Will never work if people refuse to think they need to change and not just the other(s).

Will never happen if minds are closed only to personal wants and thoughts.

Lately, and I’m not thinking politics even though this is a big topic and a strong motivation, never before have I believed, and this is a generalized paraphrase of Leroy Eldridge Cleaver (1935-1998): if not part of the solution/change, then you’re part of the problem.

I’ve heard people argue and yet as soon as a solution is offered they argue more because it inconveniences them. “They” want change, want a fix to something that irritates them, but only if it doesn’t cost them anything…as long as they don’t have to change, adapt.

Sometimes people are just blindly locked into one-way of thinking. One-way of working. “It’s always been done this way.” “It works so why rock the boat.” “My father voted this way and his father and his father, we’ve always voted this way. Can’t change now.”

I get it. Change is scary. Change means something new; something outside our comfort box.

Not all change is bad, you just need to remember another pledge I’m paraphrasing: give me the discipline to accept what I can’t change, strength to change what I can and should, and the understanding to know the difference.