Creativity – My Daughter’s Joy

It’s the moment your teen uses your words – playing the sax is the same to me as writing is to you, mama. I can’t not play.
That’s when you realize all the doors that opened and you both walked through have found her, her joy. And then you start the new worry of where this goes. The future’s wide open, the challenges ahead for the person who walks the creative path are vast. Yet, you can’t stop smiling. Can’t stop the burst of happiness and wonder filling your heart.
I’m being reminded I’ve forgotten the joy in my creativity. Forgotten why a blank page excites me. Scares me. I’ve forgotten I do look at the world differently. My view is how I wanted, want, my daughter to see the world…wonder, magic, and possibilities.
Be realistic, but don’t lose sight of the beauty around and within and what she and you will add.
Our creativity is the reflection of our hearts and world around us. In the moments of darkness we shine a light in order to see the shadows and to send them away.
For some our voices will be vague, unclear. However, our message will float in and find a home because we are all connected.
And if not my voice or my daughter’s then it’s your voice. For every creative heart there is an audience.
Keep smiling. Keep creating.
Find your voice and find your joy



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