Creativity – Active dreaming for your night’s sleep

Have you ever been in the middle of a great dream, woken up, and then wished you could go back to the dream? Yup, me too.

And, you can or at least try and have some bit of success.

I don’t have the websites or books or even when/where I first heard about the concept of active dreaming. Nor do I even remember the science or fluff behind it. I do know that if I start a reel of thoughts or images in my mind before closing my eyes, I sometimes end up having pleasant dreams. And, yes, those thoughts/images are incorporated.

Hey, if our stresses and worries can manifest in our night-dreams, why not fun thoughts?

Another yes goes to the same thing happening when I’m woken from a great dream. If I think on the last thought of the dream, I can move myself back into that dream or at least end up repeating it. How if you can’t even remember the dream?

I am pretty good at remembering my dreams or at least have a volume of them I do remember. Can’t state how many I don’t, now can I.

I do keep a dream journal. And when I remember…I know, it’s one of those ‘huh’ moments…to write my dreams down I tend to remember new ones more often.

This isn’t for everyone and as I said I have no proof of where this first came to life, except that it’s worked for me.

What’s it going to hurt to try…unless you like your stressed/worried night-dreams?