Indulges – Reflections: Right or Happy

Nope you can never have both. You’ll never always be right. Happiness will always be hidden under the current of life when you’re sad, angry, or hurt.

Now, I’m not a Dr. Phil fan. I disagree with him more often than I’ve ever agreed with his advice…yes, I know, where’s my degree. Let’s call it being in therapy, reading, and talking with others. And remember, different methods for different people.

With that all explained, I do like his phrase about asking do I want to be happy or right.

I want to be right…when it matters. When the consequences of being wrong are too risky, too costly, too important.

Whether I’m right about spoiled milk, who was in what movie, or a verbal tug-of-war, it doesn’t matter. All it does is spoil the moment.

I want to be happy. I will be happy. I am happy.

Happy doesn’t mean we stop dreaming or stop working to strengthen our nows and futures. Happy doesn’t mean I won’t have other moods, painful moods.

Happy is…well…you know…Happy.