ChrisChat Indulges: Letting – envy and jealousy have their moment

Envy…wanting something belonging to another

Jealousy…fear of losing something of value, sometimes to another. Listed with insecurity, fear, anxiety.

First, I never figured fear and anxiety, and insecurity to be mixed with jealousy. I’ve made the mistake of interchanging it with envy. Anyone else ever make that goof?

These have been used repeatedly in television, movies, songs, and books. The problem is too many see this and think it’s normal and even accepted behaviour. Life is not fiction and it’s not a reality show.

All emotions should be recognized; however, these are two I don’t believe should be acted on. They are destructive to the one feeling them and hurt the one they are directed at.

Because of the less than positive attributes few, if any of us, want to acknowledge ever having these emotions. Instead we end up denying ourselves the chance to grow and change.

That’s not to say these emotions can’t have a positive push. Envy can drive us to work harder, study more in order to achieve something we see in others. Only if we keep it in check and not let it drive us. We drive it.

Jealousy. How could this possibly help us? By overcoming our anxiety, fear, insecurity we grow stronger allowing ourselves to change. To move away from the negative side and accept who we are; love ourselves.

Two emotions, feelings that may teach us more than we’re ready to learn.



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