Children & Teen & YA: How real

Every time I think about this I think of the book GO ASK ALICE or FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC or THE OUTSIDERS.  These books covered different and even difficult topics.


Abuse and incest

Murder and suicide by cop




Family and self-sacrifice


Uncomfortable – yes

Addicting – yes

Long lasting – yes

This is an age group a writer can explore any topic.  Being as real as the characters and story demand.  Still within graphic good taste and common sense of course.  I’ll eventually stop stressing that issue.

We can’t forget our teens and children are living in different times, more open and more accepting times.  Families have changed and so has the family makeup.  They need to see themselves reflected back through our stories.  And they need to escape.

Just as adults want everything from our reading choices so do our YAs, teens, and younger.