ChrisChat Indulges: Praise

When was the last time you actually praised someone?  I mean looked them in the eye, stopped all activity, gave your full attention as you made sure you had their attention and praised them so there was no doubt.

And no joking and laughing.  This is the heartfelt complete praise we all feel to our core when we receive it.

It’s not about ego or reward or building anyone up.  It’s the acknowledgment beyond the thank you and good – job – grade – whatever.

It’s about seeing the individual.  It’s about them.  About letting them know what they are doing or have done hasn’t just passed by unaware.

We all want to be seen.  To even stand apart.

We all, for the most part, have been taught manners.  The please, thank you, welcome.  We’ve received awards and stickers and heard good going or good job in passing.  But that was in passing.

Praise is the deeper action of seeing the person and giving them more when least expected.

When was the last person you praised?  Who haven’t you praised lately or ever?

What’s stopping you?