ChrisChat Indulges: Facing Fears



Weakness due to sickness

Hair Loss



Of the above my fear was hair loss.  Not a normal upset about losing it.  But, my crazy phobia about my hair.  Even writing this I’m feeling the willie-nillies.

I have a sensitive head and have had too many knots, too many burrs, too many birds dropping their offerings, and too many pulls and yanks.  I would rather have a root canal then visit the hairdresser’s.  And my closest friend is a hairdresser.

So what did I do?

After the first chemo treatment I wore a hat for three months straight. It was an interesting experience. However, I dealt with my fear, my way.  No one told me how to do what I needed to do.  No one laughed or criticized.  Then again they all know me and my medical team supported me in whatever helped me stay strong.

My point here is simple – when you know your fear and it’s facing you down, it’s in your face – face it on your terms.  Don’t worry about anyone else.

Your fear; your terms