ChrisChat Indulges: Looking back

I’m getting a bit nostalgic lately. Maybe it’s reading my fave teen mysteries as well as watching TV shows I grew up with or the music of my generation. There’s something from the past I’m craving. Something I want to revisit or even live over.

Was it easier back then? Less of a struggle and less stress?

Yes and no.

I do believe the times now are more stressful and the struggle is really just more adult responsibility. And the ease? Far easier now as an adult than my teen years.

I’ve finally learned to say ‘no’ and to not worry what others think or care. I’ve found who me is and I’m okay with her.

Maybe it’s because I realize that, basically, half, if not more, done with this lifetime.  This particular existence. I don’t know of anyone in my family living to 110 years. I think my Nan’s 92 was the oldest – well her kid sister is still kicking at 95.

Maybe it’s just the remembering of happy times, my innocent times that brings this sense of nostalgia home. Either way the past made my future – my now and I’m loving were I am.