ChrisChatTalks Creativity: Permission

Give it to yourself.

Only you can stop yourself from creating. Only you.

Only you can give yourself the time to create.

Unless we’re working for someone else…who needs us to create…we need to give ourselves time. Make the time. Throw away the excuses. Whether it’s five minutes or more, just do it, as the saying goes.

My friend, Lea, always asks writers if they take pen and paper into the bathroom with them – do it! Yup, take five minutes in private and write, draw, plan. Leave the dishes for later. Let the dust bunnies rest. Forget about getting ahead at work for an hour. Turn the cell off – or only look at it in case the text or call is an emergency Yes, figured that had to be spoken or you’ll make a new excuse.

Tell everyone you’re working or something vitally important, time consuming, whatever and do what you want Yes, LIE.

And stick to it.

Pretty soon you’ll be making appointments with yourself and others will be forced to accept your time.

But first – give yourself permission.