Why erotica?

As I was thinking about what to write, this question came to mind and then the crazy similarity between it and when we start saying the “bad” words. How sneakily wrong it felt; how we were getting away with something behind our parents’ backs.

Do you remember the first time you saw a boobie naked in a movie or a man’s bared behind? It was titillating. You probably giggled or at least gasped, maybe even looked around to see if anyone was watching you see these bits and pieces.

We already know there are different levels of erotic writing and that’s great. There are different levels and types of passion. What’s that saying – whatever floats your goat?  Why a floating goat, I’ll have to look that up. This genre offers something for everyone…writer and reader.

I know I talked about this question before, but it keeps popping up with a different reply. I may have started this genre on a dare; however, I find it freeing. Not “that” type of freeing, more like horror writing…you can get away with more extreme scenarios. The boundaries are broader…keep it legal. Horror, not so much legal, but it’s in there, too. There are areas you can explore that society would rather be kept in brown paper bags, locked behind doors, never spoken about.

With Connie and Boris, I’ve pulled in a relationship I watched in a documentary, well, two actually…Dominatrix and I guess the other would fall under swinging? Friends with benefits? Yes, there are couples who engage in this without jealousy or fear. Isn’t jealousy a fear?

No, not me, not for me. But, I understand why some do and that’s fascinating to me. To be that confident in yourself and others. Daring. Honest with yourself and others. Yeah, I appreciate someone being that comfortable.

And, no, I’m not a voyeur. I really don’t want to see “it.” Have a discussion, sure. That’s where I’m curious and this genre allows me to explore without getting embarrassed or shamed.

The lesson to share…explore and expand your reading…enjoy your book choices…don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of what you like to read. Escape.