General: Doubt

Doubts are when we stop having fun and think too much on the technique and rules. Doubt destroys the creative.

There’s nothing quicker to hamper the spirit than being told to stop colouring outside of the lines; to stop making the sky green and the grass purple.

I still remember the feeling when a teacher told me my poetic line made no sense – to her – therefore it was wrong. When someone told me I ran funny and then showed me how they saw me running – flailing legs and arms as she laughed at me, not with me, not to encourage me. I never ran again.

Doubt will kill a creative being. Forget the internal critic or editor that voice will always push at you. The doubt is your voice not believing in what you’re doing. It’s the voice that tells you the word or paint colour is wrong. Too much this or that. The voice saying you’re telling and not showing. Start over, again, again, and again, till you reach the unattainable perfection.

Doubt stops you before you start.

How do you overcome it? What tricks can you do? Nothing. You either do or you don’t. You win or it does.

Doubt doesn’t have a place in our creativity.