Why this site?

I shared in My Pondering how I started this site roughly 5 years ago, during that cancer time. When you’re locked in bed for 3 months, in a hospital, you really do start thinking about life and what you want for it. I didn’t see my life passing before me or had regrets, it was simply what I appreciated about living and wanted to spend doing.

Today, I’ve actually forgotten quite a bit of what those were…chemo brain takes memories and thoughts away. Leaving the hospital created a fog around those past 3 months, wish I could remember all the names of my caregivers during that time. They saw me through it 24/7.

I also had to relearn how to write…the physical writing. Who knew you could lose muscle strength in your hand to hold and control a pen? It’s logical, now, but then, nope, freaked me out. So, I started writing out daily mantras and sayings from my family. Stuff I can’t remember now, dang I hope I can find where I put those papers from then.

Life Becomes Understanding because the more we live the more we realize how life is – how our life is. We, I, reach a point of understanding that life is everything. It’s not just making memories or achieving the promotion, the house, the trips, the bank account, and more.

Life is every single breath. It’s the moment happening now whether you’re working or sitting in silent stillness…each is LIFE.

It’s here without any deadline. It will literally be gone in a blink. What you leave behind isn’t yours. If you want to worry about your impact, your legacy…live now.

Lead, support, wander, wonder, and learn now.

Life becomes understanding…even if we forget every so often.