Poet: Subject Matter

We already know anything can be the topic of a poem or prose. That’s the common sense of writing, but does anyone want to read – Ode to my oven – unless it’s how you won your lover via roast duck?

Is poetry/prose more about emotions than topic, then? The epic prose can be a long poetic story adventure, again far removed from ode to the oven. Why do we read poetry/prose if not for what it invokes within us?

Poetry has been read at celebrations, at funerals, at commencements, at contests as the spoken word. One could even say religious books are books of poetry.

These works have been serious, hilarious, rude and/or distasteful, as well as R and X-rated. We’ve been humbled by their words, incensed, moved, shocked, laughed uncomfortably for their rating and embarrassing truths.

There truly is not a subject matter that isn’t open to a poem/prose format. Sometimes this is the best format, whether we’ll admit to it or not.

And before I finish, let’s not forget all our favourite songs, each a version of this format no matter the writer, singer, band, or genre.

Maybe – Ode to my oven – isn’t as far-fetched an idea as I first thought.